“How do I safely make a bend in this acrylic sheet?” “Which glue to I use to put these together?” “What’s the difference between delrin and nylon?” “Why did this drill bit ruin my plastic sheet?”

You’ve probably come across some of these questions before. Maybe even multiple times. Don’t worry though. You’re not alone.

Many DIY-ers are often stranded without a lot of help to get their small or large plastics projects at home completed without issue. There’s a vast world of plastic compositions, types of glues, shapes of drills and grades of cleaners out there. With the right combination, you can get a perfect finished product. The challenge is knowing how to choose your product and use the exact tool for the job.

Paragon Plastics hope to ease your concerns by providing articles that will give you insight on all of the above. We want to tackle all of the common problems so you can complete your job faster and get more bang for your buck.

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