What’s Your Type: Acrylics

Acrylics are a big deal for a lot of people. It’s our best-selling type of plastic. You can cut, bend, mold, and glue them into really fantastic pieces, so long as you take the right precautions. Otherwise, you’re going to be using the phrase “oh… that was intentional” quite a bit. They’re potentially the perfect plastic product for your project.

Acrylics can come in most any fashion. You can get these in their raw industrial form, like sheets, rods and tubes. A lot of basic home products are made of acrylic, for example, mugs, desk organizers, hasps, hinges, spheres, frames… I could keep going, really.

You may not realize it, but it’s likely you see many examples of acrylic products on your way to work, when you’re out to dinner, at a theme park or watching a major motion picture.

So what is it that makes acrylic a solid choice for so many applications?


The overall cost of most common acrylics are reasonably low, considering that they tend to far-outlast glass. They may not be cheaper right off the bat, but you’re absolutely getting more bang out of your buck when you go with acrylic over glass.


Have you gone to a professional hockey game or watched one on TV? Around the



entire ice rink, you’ll see plexiglass constantly hit by pucks traveling at 70 MPH or by 200 lb players, protecting the crowd and it almost never breaks. Hockey rinks generally use high-impact acrylics. Aside from the abuse it receives in contact sports, it also does a great job containing, protecting or holding up valuable merchandise and decorative items. Take museums, for example. Something has to keep admirers from touching or even stealing their priceless items. Acrylics can be up to 17x stronger than glass, so, it should already be apparent that acrylics are the better option here.


Acrylics perform to their potential regardless of whether they’re dry or wet. They’re unaffected by moisture, which is a reason why aquariums have opted to use it for their tanks, both small and large.

You can also count on clear acrylics remaining clear even after it is heat-formed or


Jurassic World (Universal Pictures)

exposed to sunlight for long periods of time. If you take the Gyrosphere from Universal Studios’ Jurassic World (the spherical vehicle tourists ride around the park in), for example, it has perfect clarity.  It was heated in a large oven and blown into two hemispheres to create the full sphere, and the clarity is as if it was never touched. We know because we were the ones that fabricated it! We’re one of the very few companies that manufacture acrylic half-domes and spheres. It’s worth noting, by the way, that it took the Indominus Rex to crack that Gyrosphere.


I’ve already mentioned a few applications above, but to summarize, acrylics are used in a large variety of ways. Acrylics may be implemented in decorating, storing, protecting, repairing or replacing.

You may now find it challenging to deny the worth of acrylics.  Go out and get yourself a heating strip as well as some acrylic rods, tubes and sheets. Get to know what you’re able to do with them.


We carry some of the best brands of acrylics available!

  • Acrylite®, by Evonik, is some of the highest quality plastic in the market, also known as “plexiglass” or “plexi”
  • LuciteLux® is a cast acrylic sheet with a unique combination of high molecular weight and uniform thickness
  • Optix®, by Plaskolite, is impact and water resistant and available in many colors

If you wish to inquire more about some of the products mentioned above, click here to send us an e-mail!


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