Investing in Plastic Patio Table Tops

Patio Furniture. The front-runner in ultimate backyard entertainment. It establishes the territory for ultimate relaxation and allows the enjoyment of the fruits of your landscaping labor.

Usually, within the group of patio furniture, sits a table with a glass table top. Glass is pretty standard with these tables. They’re cheap, give the table a lot of weight and look really classy. Also, they can shatter pretty easily. Wait… a lot of these points sound a bit negative. That’s probably because they are.

Enter acrylic table tops. Paragon Plastics sells round plastic sheets that can perfectly fit your patio table! You may know acrylic by the more popular name, “plexiglass.” The material Paragon Plastics sells, manufactured by Evonik, is a high-quality acrylic that can noticeably perform better than glass. Here are a few beneficial characteristics for you to ponder on:

  • Acrylic is 7x stronger than glass
  • No “yellowing” over time
  • Shatter-resistant
  • Half the weight of glass
  • 30-year warranty backed by Evonik*
  • Filters UV light up to 85% between 200-400nm
  • Resistant to water and chemicals

These added benefits, as a result, increase the value to the product that far-exceed that of glass. So you’ll be spending more on an acrylic table top replacement than the glass option. However, what you’ll be doing is investing in a product that will last years beyond the glass table top and keep its integrity.

So, before you try and find a custom glass-cutting company to get you a replacement piece for your table, consider how often you may be replacing broken glass. Then, think how much easier your life would be with an acrylic table top instead.

The sizes range from 40″ to 48″ in diameter with a .220″ thickness. The surface has a medium-grain, or rippled, texture and can be ordered with or without a 2″ umbrella hole. These tables can be found at, or by clicking this direct link. If your table isn’t circular, don’t fret! Paragon can also fulfill custom cut orders. Request a quote today by providing the exact dimensions of your table and we’ll do our best to help you out!

Spring is already here and the summer season is just around the corner, so don’t wait to get your table fixed!


*Evonik warranty applies to acrylic table top material and covers yellowing and light transmission. This means that, within a 30-year period, the product should not induce yellowing due to sun-exposure and will not lose more than 3% of its light transmission ability.

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